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Entry #6


2013-05-02 22:14:18 by Gothmadhatter13

i am just going to state this. If i don't make any more posts or anything what so ever i more and likely killed myself. Not trying to sound like a whiney emo bitch, i am just so fucking tired of everything. I can never make anyone happy,i can't do shit right and i for damn sure can't even sound like i actually want to do anything any more. Fuck it i'll just figure out something. Well just in case good newgrounds.


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2013-05-02 22:38:51

I know the feeling


2013-05-02 23:22:27

Been there. Still kind of feel that way today. Really sucks, man, I know. :/


2013-05-02 23:33:05

Eh, don't off yourself. It's inconvenient for you, your family and your friends.

Try and figure out what's got you down, grab it by the throat and get rid of it.

Anti-depressants work too.

Gothmadhatter13 responds:

I really need to get help with this. Thank you though :)


2013-05-03 02:47:27

If it can't get worse it can only get better, you just fight your way through the lows, try to see the positive things, no matter how small it's those that really matter. Good luck!